Effective Marketing for Small Business

One size doesn't fit all! You're able to have the marketing help that suits you, your requirements and your resources.

You choose from:

Do It on Your Own

This level comprises of self study programmes giving you the knowledge to take your marketing to the next level. Ideal if you're starting up or reviewing your current business.

Maximise Your Web Presence
The NEW One Stop Social Media Marketing Course
Want to have more than shown how to use the tools?
Want to demonstrate your expertise?
Want to attract leads and sales?
Put Marketing into your social media and online presence with this lowcost programme, delivered in easy digestable chunks that you can implement immediately

Maximise Your Web Presence
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Business Builder Home Study
This programme uses the Marketing Iceberg System to take business owners through the marketing process. It has been designed for people offering services such as coaching, training, marketing, therapy to name a few. If you're just starting out or wanting to review what you're doing, this is a comprehensive programme containing the three important modules -

Marketing Iceberg
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Raise Your Revenue Workbook

This workbook guides you through what you want to achieve in the coming year and the options for achieving it. You have the benefit of a Marketing Mentor at the fraction of the cost.

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Product Creation

This is a step by step guide to create a low entry product, like a report, workbook, audio product that you know your market wants. When to create your copy, how to get reviews and promotion strategies.... it's all there!

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Working Together

Just as the title implies, we work together to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. You are in the driving seat - deciding what support you want and how you want it.

One Off Consultation

There are times when you want to have some input and that is all you want. Well, this is just what the one off consultation is. You arrange a time to call and forward all the relevant material beforehand and then we talk through your query. At the end of the session you have steps or an action plan to implement. It's that simple!

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Just as the title implies, we work together to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. You're in the driving seat - deciding what support you want and how you want it.

This is ideal when you want that added umph for a campaign or approach you're working on. You get the knowledge, experience and support while doing the marketing activity.


You get the results and learn how to do it next time on your own! You choose the number of sessions. The number depends upon the complexity of the project and your knowledge.

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Marketing Resource

This is ideal when you want to review your marketing. It's been working but you know that, with the economic changes, your approach has to sharpen to make the most of the opportunities out there. You're likely to be undertaking a review of your web presence, lead generation activities or customer referral strategies. You buy in the know-how to suit your questions, time and in-house resources.

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Mix 'n Match

Having looked at the ready made and the bespoke offering, really what you want is a mix of the two. Well, this is exactly what you can do here.

You can have the ready made programmes with support on the telephone and email. The extent of the support is up to you. Typically, clients have fortnightly or weekly calls with unlimited email support in between.

Conversely, if you want to have the road map but also have the market research element of the business builder programme, then that is possible too.

It comes down to what you want and creating the package that suits you. You can do this entirely online or you can call us for a no obligation chat.

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